This will become a full orchestra, still missing are a conductor, a bassoonist and some specialists (cymbals, triangle, tamtam etc).

(ignore the dots, they happen when I produce gifs with transparent backgrounds; they are not in the actual sprites)

Important: the timpanist uses resources from RPG Maker VX Axe, you therefore need VX Ace to use it; ACE comes around for less than 10 $ on humblebundle or steam every few months and would allow you to use a host of stuff developed for that engine, you wouldn’t have to shell out the full price for just one Sprite ;).

Multistep Behaviour sprites

These have more frames than the usual ones, the sacrifice and pole dancer have 32 frames, for example. To use them, you can’t use the inbuilt movement options (as far as I know), but have to make your own specific movement routine by turning the sprite and change the chosen sprite to get from 4 to 5, from 8 to 9 etc:

The pole dancer comes in two sizes: the original is the bigger 64 pixel one – if you are using MV, that would look like a giant. the smaller one is resized to actually fit MV. The base is the MV SV-Battler.



These don’t need credits, as they are basically copy paste and recolors.